P3ductal careplus: the chosen solution for the intensive care units of Naples, Caserta and Salerno


The images of a long line of trucks entering Naples carrying 72 intensive care modules are still vivid in all of us. Those structures were part of the 120 modules destined for Campania and built in containers specially designed for rapid installation. In those days, speed was of the essence, but it was equally important to ensure the highest standards of performance. In addition to the sanitary aspects, it was essential to maintain the correct thermo-hygrometric conditions inside the rooms and even more so the highest levels of hygiene.

 For these reasons, the decision was made to use P3ductal careplus air ducts, which feature a revolutionary nanostructured liquid glass coating on the side intended for air circulation, capable of reducing thanks to the so-called lotus effect, the possible accumulation of dust and solid particles and ensure at the same time the full effectiveness of the antimicrobial treatment.

Click on the cover and download the interview with Mr. Venturato – managing director of MED, the company that has manufactured the intensive care modules – and Mr. Antonio Temporin – technical director of P3 – to discover the case history that has touched Italy.