P3ductal careplus: the air duct for a healthy school

Today, reopening schools seems an overwhelming task, but returning to the classroom must be a priority, ensuring an air that protects the health of students and teachers.
Today there are numerous financing initiatives and activities in the pipeline for the modernization, energy efficiency and safety of school buildings.
Air quality is a key factor.
As indicated by the Higher Institute of Health and the World Health Organization, in order to ensure the safety of our kids, adequate ventilation in the rooms is essential.
For this reason, air ventilation systems, thanks to the dilution effect, reduce the concentration of bacterial and viral charges, limiting the risks of contagion.
A healthy and safe environment for occupants therefore also depends on the choice of the air ducts.
The P3ductal careplus duct system represents the best solution, as it is able to guarantee:

maximum hygiene

  • self-cleaning and antimicrobial technology
  • limitation of dust and particles deposits on the inner surface of the duct
  • maximum antimicrobial effectiveness
  • reduction in the proliferation of germs and bacteria

total safety in case of earthquake

  • excellent behaviour of materials to seismic forces
  • exclusive earthquake-proof hanging system

maximum safety in case of fire

  • fire reaction class B according to EN 13501
  • large scale fire and smoke testing

maximum sustainability

  • water expanded insulating foam
  • EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification
  • use of recycled material in the insulating foam, in compliance with the requirements of the international sustainability standards.

high energy saving

  • excellent thermal insulation
  • reduced air leakages
  • significant economic savings throughout the life cycle: LCC (Life Cycle Costing) analysis