The inner surface of the innovative P3ductal careplus air duct solution bears a revolutionary nanostructured coating with a liquid glass base that reduces the possible accumulation of dust and solid particulate thanks to the so-called lotus effect, whilst also ensuring the full effectiveness of the antimicrobial treatment compared with traditional solutions.
P3ductal careplus was chosen to counter the spread of COVID-19 in various healthcare facilities, including

  • Fiera Milano Hospital
  • Cattinara Hospital – Trieste
  • Rimini Hospital
  • Partinico Hospital (PA)
  • Modular health facilities – Napoli, Salerno, Caserta
  • Intensive Care Hub – Policlinico Modena
  • COVID-19 Pavilion Baggiovara Hospital (MO)
  • Pescara COVID-19 Hospital
  • COVID-19 ward – Fermo Hospital (AN)
  • Ospedale Oftalmico – Torino
  • COVID-19 ward – Chieti Hospital
  • COVID-19 ward – Magenta (MI)
  • COVID-19 Pavilion G. Di Cristina Hospital – Palermo
  • COVID-19 Pavilion Agrigento Hospital
  • COVID-19 Pavilion Sciacca Hospital (Agrigento)
  • COVID-19 Pavilion Ribera Hospital (Agrigento)
  • COVID-19 Pavilion Sanremo (Imperia)
  • Alatri Hospital (Frosinone)
  • COVID-19 Pavilion – ICC GVM Sanita’ – Casalpalocco (RM)
  • COVID-19 Pavilion – Villa Tiberia – Roma

In particular, the Fiera Milano Hospital represents both design and realisation excellence.

Clic on the cover to download the interview (english version) with Engineer Roberto Taddia – a member of the Fiera Milano Hospital Testing Commission – as he outlines the fundamental stages of this project and the contribution of the P3ductal careplus ducts.